Student Low Profile Study Desk

Student Flat Low Profile Study Desk


This desk was designed to accomodate the study needs of my son who spent Covid Lockdown at home with us.

He liked to study in his bedroom, which was quiet and away from everyone else, sitting on his bed with his laptop on his knees, which really wasn't the most ideal situation.

We put together this simple structure that can sit on his bed, straddling his legs, with room to put his laptop, notepad, phone  and books.

It is made of finger jointed recycled pine, with reinforced mitre locked corner joints, and has rounded over feet which shouldn't catch on any bedding. has been finished with Briwax beeswax rubbing compound.

There are slots on one end to accomodate the cooling requirements of a laptop.

As students tend to be a bit random at times, lounging the oddest of places, this desk can also be used on the floor, and could also be used as a coffee table.

Dimensions - 1000 long x 400 wide x 250 high


At this stage this is a one off and I do not have any stock, but if interested in something similar please enquire.