Steampunk As-Found Light - “Progress”


Upcycled As-Found Table lamp "Progress"

"An Upcycled Oddities Creation"


Assembled from various pieces of discarded industrial waste that has been collected over many years

The large engine piston is an actual piston from a Bristol Hercules 14 Cylinder Sleeve Valve Radial engine which powered the Straits Air Freight Express (SAFE) Bristol Freighter cargo planes that flew across the Cook Strait from 1951 thru 1986 between Blenheim and Paraparaumu.

The curved piece of bronze is part of a worn out wear strip used in a Moxy Dump truck.

The fuselage of the Aeroplane is a piece of marine hardware with a hand made wing attached.

The lamp shade is made from a discarded wine bottle, which has been sandblasted and painted. The lamp shade can be swiveled and tilted into any desired position.

The wooden base is a piece of turned and oiled recycled Macrocapa timber.

The whole lot has been assembled using an assortment of various hydraulic connections.

The light and electrical system is all 12 volt powered by a small 240v AC to 12v DC adapter which plugs into a normal socket.  The adaptor along with the light bulb are included.

The light bulb is a 4 watt LED type.

Hand made in NZ


I have called this piece "Progress" symbolising the advancements man has made in powered flight, with the transition from slow piston engined propeller aircraft to the super fast and sleek jet craft of today.

 I haven't polished this piece a lot, as I like to leave the patina of the original use, ie I have left some of the discolouration from use on the piston.


This lamp would be an excellent statement piece for any aero enthusiast or in pilot's office or man cave, where I am sure it would evoke much discussion.


Size - approx 500mm x 500mm x 400mm (depends on how light is adjusted)

Weight - approx 6kg