Steampunk As-Found Light - “Confused Utility"

Upcycled As-Found Table lamp "Confused Utility"

"An Upcycled Oddities Creation"


Another of our creations assembled from various pieces of discarded industrial waste that has been collected over many years

The large grey insulater once helped deliver power to our community. A beautiful piece of ceramic history that was possibly made in Temuka.

The upper lamp support is a collection of discarded plumbing fittings, both industrial hydraulic oil and household water supply.

The lamp shades are / were Good George Squealer bottles,(IPA if I recall correctly).

The green knobs have been fabicated from discarded nuts and bolts.

The wooden base is finger jointed recycled Rimu, finished with Briwax rub.

The light and electrical system is all 12 volt powered by a small 240v AC to 12v DC adapter which plugs into a normal socket.  The adaptor along with the light bulbs are included.

Being 12volt DC with a 2amp power supply, makes this a very safe fitting around inquisitive little ones.

The light bulb is a 4 watt LED type.

Hand made in NZ


I have named this piece "Confused Utility" because it is a mixture of both electrical and plumbing supply material.


As I like to leave the patina of the original use intact, this piece has not been highly polished.


Size - approx 300mm x 300mm x 600mm

Weight - approx 9.5kg (really HEAVY)

This is a fragile and heavy piece, shipping will need to be calculated at time of enquiry.