Steampunk as found lamp “Back to the Future”




Upcycled As-Found table lamp "Back to the Future"

"An Upcycled Oddities Creation"


Q - What to do with an old disheveled looking Coleman Primus that has been well used, damaged and has parts missing?

A - Make a cool lamp out of it of course.


As with all Upcycled Oddities creations, this piece has been assembled using a mix of discarded materials.

The wooden base is made from recycled Rimu, which has been finger jointed into a wide board, then turned and oiled.

The large brass bit in the middle is the aforementioned Coleman Primus that was in a very sad state when acquired.

The lamp section is three empty wine bottles, a collection of mechanical bits and bobs, and a metal bowl of some sort.

The piece of brass is an old brass shaft with markings.

The Primus has been cleaned up but not polished or lacquered.

The metal bowl at the top of the lamp shade has been painted In a dark "British Racing Green" shade.

The lights and electrical system are 12 volt, powered by a small adapter that plugs into a normal household socket.

The 3 x 12 volt LED light bulbs and adapter are included.

Hand made in NZ


Size - approx 200mm x 200mm x 550mm

Weight - approx 4.5kg


The "Back to the Future" name came about as it sort of looks like an electric light bulb being powered by the old fashioned kerosene Primus, the past powering the future, Steampunk.


This table lamp would look awesome in a mans office or man cave, or even in the corner of the lounge.